In loving memory of our friend, mentor and life member Edwin (Ed) Whyfoon


1928 - 2020


Music, Lights, Costumes, Sets, these are the things we tend to take for granted during a performance as if they magically appear, but in reality they can take months of hard work by dedicated volunteers.

Wesley House Players have had not only a group of talented on-stage performers but an equally talented group of people behind the scenes. These “unsung heroes” are responsible for making sure a performance is seen in the best possible light.

There are many people involved in “putting on a show” who are never seen. The person who takes you to your seats prior to a performance, sold you your ticket, made the people with two left feet look like they could dance. There’s the person who feeds the actors lines when they go blank, built the sets and painted the backdrop, made the costumes, rigged and controlled the lights and sound during performances or served tea and coffee on that cold winters night and then got to clean up ready for the next night. And of course, the person with the desire to produce / direct the performance in the first place, and in the end has no control over what happens on stage. The list goes on and on.

So we dedicate this page to them, to their vision, determination and creativity.